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Quick's Alarm Systems

-  FIRE  -

We offer a number of solutions that help during critical moments.  Take a look at the products and features below and let us know what is important to you. 

Silent Knight Fire Panel

The perfect panel for all of your fire needs. This panel allows for many zones and several different partitions, ensuring security and compatibility regardless of how complex the custom security plan we arrive at may be. 

Fire Pull Station

These devices help to ensure safety and immediate notification of an emergency event with the simple pull of a lever.  Ideal for offices, condos, hotels, apartment complexes, schools, churches, and even large warehouses.

Fire Strobe

Fire strobes are great tools to ensure everyone is immediately notified of an emergency. These devices emit a strobing light when an alarm is engaged. 

Smoke Detectors

Our smoke detectors use point identification and maintenance alert capabilities making it easy to identify the detector in alarm and simplify service. These detectors are designed to save you time during the critical moments of an emergency.  

Heat Detectors

Ideal for difficult to wire locations, areas where smoke may commonly be present, situations where room aesthetics are critical, or where hazardous materials exist. These devices alarm whenever the temperature reaches 135 degrees.

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